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ATOMIUM MAX 200 engine capacity from 8,0 L Suprotec


ATOMIUM MAX 200 engine capacity from 8,0 L Suprotec




Lubricant Composition Atomium МАХ 200 is applied  on gasoline engines, LPG engines and diesel engines with cylinder volume (engine displacement) from 8 L (8000 cc). Consumption is calculated at the rate of 5 -7  ml of the lubricant per 1 L of engine oil.

Treatment stages:

  • For internal combustion engines with mileage less than 200 000 km we recommend 2-stage treatment, for mileage more than 200 000 km – 3-stage treatment, for more than 500 000 km – 4-stage treatment.
  • For the treatment of generators and other stationary equipment use calculation in running hours (moto-hours): 1 running hour = 50 km of run, for wheel tractors (and equipment) 1 running hour = 10 km of run, for a caterpillar special equipment 1 running hour = 5 km of run.

Precautions: Not harmful if applied correctly.

First aid:

  • In case of a contact with skin remove the material wash out with warm water, and then wash again with soap.
  • In case of contact with eyes wash out eyes with large amount of water.
  • In case of swallowing consult a doctor.

Application mode

The 1st stage: Add Lubricant Composition ATOMIUM MAX 200 to the engine oil through the oil filling neck at the rate of 7 – 10 ml of the lubricant per 1 L of engine oil, then drive the car till the next regular oil replacement (but no less than 2000 km). In case of a significant oil contamination (identify by the color of the oil on the dipstick or oil spots on filter paper) start the second stage of the treatment immediately.

Recommendations (after the 1st Stage):

  • Change oil (in case of a significant engine contamination flushing is recommended);
  • Replace oil and air filter, and begin the 2nd stage.

The 2nd stage: Add ATOMIUM MAX 200 to the new engine oil at the rate of 7 – 10 ml of the lubricant per 1 L of engine oil, and then drive in a regular mode till the next oil replacement.

The 3rd and the 4th stages of the treatment are similar to the stage 2.

Important notes:

  • Before applying ATOMIUM MAX 200 shake the can thoroughly until natural sediments (active components) are totally dissolved.
  • Apply ATOMIUM MAX 200 through the regular oil filling neck of the warmed-up engine.
  • After applying ATOMIUM MAX 200 drive the vehicle for no less than 20 minutes in any mode (regular operation).
  • It is not recommended to apply the Lubricant at existence of mechanical breakages of parts and assemblies.
  • ATOMIUM MAX 200 is compatible to any type of engine oils and doesn't change their properties.
  • To provide continuous level of engine protection it is recommended to apply ATOMIUM MAX 200 after 300 000 - 400 000 km of run, process at the rate of 5 ml of the lubricant per 1 L of engine oil (1 stage of treatment).
  • To achieve the full level of protection apply Atomium  treatment of all vehicle parts is recommended, such as transmission gears, high pressure fuel pumps (diesel), hydraulic power steering etc.
  • Admissible concentration increasing for the treatment with ATOMIUM is no more than 50 % (i.e. 20 ml of product per 1 L of oil).

Effect of application:

  • Improves new engine running-in process, and after overhaul as well (because of the adaptive properties of the LC, that work on optimization of conjugated friction parts);
  • Increases of the engine lifetime in 1,5-2 times (due to wear intensity decreasing);
  • Increases engine effective power (as a result of fuel combustion quality improvement, decreasing combustion gas leakages to carter, and drop of friction losses);
  • Provides maximum engine protection in extreme working conditions, also in case of overloading or overheating, and during «cold start-up»;
  • Makes start at low temperatures much easier;
  • Doesn't affect the work of self-blocking differentials;
  • Decreases fuel consumption by 8-10 % (as a result of compression recovering and combustion quality improvement);
  • Decreases noise and vibration levels by 5-10 dB (due to forming of thick and resistant lubrication “pillow” and clearances optimization);
  • Decreases exhaust CO/CH emissions up to. 50 % (as a result of improvement of combustion quality);
  • Provides possibility of short-time run under oil starvation conditions or when oil (oil pressure) is completely lost;
  • Restores the work of hydro-compensators (tappets).


ATOMIUM is a tribotechnical compound containing neutral auto-chemistry formula. ATOMIUM technology uses the unique properties of natural minerals aimed to rebuild worn friction units of engines, gearboxes, fuel pressure pumps, hydraulic power steering and other units of the vehicles and industrial facilities. ATOMIUM technology optimizes the contact of friction pairs in engine parts that leads to improved technical parameters that can reach the nominal.

In the friction zones a new car engine has a new layer formed, and despite the fact that the gaps are nominal ATOMIUM ™ anti-friction properties will provide decrease of the friction losses, i.e. increase the mechanical efficiency. This reduces fuel consumption, increases power and engine response. But the most important both for old and new engines is an increase of their lifecycle provided by ATOMIUM ™ properties, that can postpone a major repair up to 50 - 150 thousand km of the run. Moreover in cases of gentle car operation with the help of ATOMIUM you can cancel the overhaul at all.

According to its functional purpose tribotechnical compound ATOMIUM belongs to the class of

  • anti-frictional (reducing friction losses),
  • anti-wear (reducing wear rate)
  • anti-burr (increasing the load limit setting friction surfaces) additives to engine oil.

Advanced liquid ATOMIUM is designed to restore the worn surfaces of friction and optimize gaps in worn pairs of friction units of different mechanisms, ATOMIUM oil additives are used in the standard mode of operation of car motors and mechanisms added to their own regular lubricants and oils in the system used as carriers of ATOMIUM to the places of contact of the rubbing surfaces.

ATOMIUM tribotechnical compounds basically consist of a balanced combination of specially milled minerals of the layered silicates (serpentine, chlorite, etc.). In addition to minerals ATOMIUM ™ contains the basic carrier: 99.5 - 95% mineral oil without additives of yellow colour. ATOMIUM AGSB ™ and ATOMIUM HPS ™ used ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) «Dextron» - red oil as the basic carrier.

ATOMIUM chemical formula and technology of its preparation in its present form are the result of a 20-year research, still continuing to improve and increase their efficiency due to changes in engine design and operating conditions of friction units.

Compounds are carefully chosen for each friction node and tested in the laboratory on friction testing machine and bearing stand. Quality control is performed after the production of each batch.


ATOMIUM Lubricants:

  • Provide an effect of restoring of the friction surfaces (the formation of the protective layer of 15 microns thickness) and the effect of geometry optimizing of the friction surfaces.
  • The protective layers provide high oil-retaining ability - the protective layer keeps the oil on the surface much stronger than the usual surface that shifts the friction mode to semifluid friction or hydrodynamic friction (work oil wedge).
  • Provide an aftereffect - the ability to maintain friction parameters even after the oil change as the protective layer is not completely worn out. The rate of layer wear at the absence of ATOMIUM ™ in the node is 1.5 - 3 times lower than the wear rate of the parent metal (depending on the mode of node assembly, abrasive and corrosion wear).
  • Chemically neutral to all substances included in the package of additives and lubricants that ensures the safety of use in all units and mechanisms (in compliance with instructions for use).


ATOMIUM usage areas divided into two groups:

  • Cars, passenger transport, heavy vehicles and special technics;
  • Application in industry.

The first area includes all types of passenger and cargo transport, heavy construction vehicles, all special technics. ATOMIUM is applied in the following nodes and mechanisms:

  • Internal combustion engines of all types and sizes, diesel generators;
  • Rolling and sliding bearings, constant velocity joints;
  • AGSB and MGSB transmissions and reducers;
  • High pressure fuel pumps (HPFP);
  • Hydraulic nodes and hydraulic power steering.

ATOMIUM application in heavy industry includes:

  • All types of transport used in production;
  • Heavy and special equipment;
  • Heavy diesel engines (incl. rail and maritime transport), diesel generators;
  • Machinery equipment;
  • Piston and screw compressors;
  • Gears, multipliers, reducers;
  • bearings, sliding bearings;
  • Hydraulic systems, lifts, presses, actuators, manipulators;
  • Transfer guides and other mechanisms greased with plastic lubricants.

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